Date: January 2022

Vegan Mediterranean Mezze Bowl Recipe The best way to make any salad bowl enjoyable is heavily influenced by the types of sauces you pair with it. One of my favorite go-to, savory recipes is the Mediterranean Mezze Bowl Recipe. This recipe contains 3 different flavors of creamy, rich and juicy all i

Non-Dairy Creamy Tomato Bisque Recipe On a rainy day with a couple of sniffles in bed, the soup that gets me through the day is a bowl of creamy homemade tomato bisque with a side of perfect grilled cheese. I know on those days when you feel low-energy, you just want something simple but gourmet [&h

Quick and Healthy Red Pickled Onion Recipe Have you ever heard of that old saying, “you should be eating pickled foods on your plate everyday?” Well, your wise family members were right, pickled red onions are probiotics and contain many nutrients that can help improve immune, nervous an

This vegan fruit bruschetta recipe is the perfect bite for a sweet and refreshing breakfast. While a Classic Bruschetta is made with diced tomatoes on toasted bread, you can use your favourite fruits and creamy yogurt sauce for this treat, optionally topped with nuts. I am so happy to share this sim


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